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Get Involved


  • Donate to the Democratic party-if you can't donate money, donate your time

  • Serve on a committee

  • Work in your precinct

  • Help organize an event

  • Work with Democratic candidates

  • Join a protest

  • Run for office

  • Become one of our members by clicking here!

Keep up to Date on Current Political Issues

  • Read the newspaper, listen to the news, read a book

  • Attend meetings scheduled by the Democratic party

  • Attend training scheduled by the Democratic party


Contact Your Legislators

Every legislator makes at least one campaign promise:  REPRESENTATION!  Ensure that your legislator understands your needs and the needs of your community by reaching out to them through a phone call or email.  

You will find all of all North Carolina state legislators at the General Assembly website, or you may reach them by phone by dialing (919) 733-4111 and asking to speak with your Senator or Representative.

General email may be sent to:


Write a Letter to the Editor

One effective way to keep an issue before your community is to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or blog.  You should also send copies of the letter to your elected officials. Here are some local publications to Iredell County:

Check out our friends at for additional ideas and information! 

Come to a meeting and find out how else you can get involved!

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