How Do I Get Involved?



Donate to the Democratic party-if you can't donate money, donate your time

 Serve on a committee

 Work in your precinct

 Help organize an event

 Work with Democratic candidates

 Join a protest

 Run for office

Keep up to Date on Current Political Issues

Read the newspaper, listen to the news, read a book

Attend meetings scheduled by the Democratic party

Attend training scheduled by the Democratic party


Contact Your Legislators

Every legislator makes at least one campaign promise:  REPRESENTATION!  Ensure that your legislator understands your needs and the needs of your community by reaching out to them through a phone call or email.  You will find all of all legislators at the General Assembly website, or you may reach them by phone by dialing (919) 733-4111 and asking to speak with your Senator or Representative.

General email may be sent to:


Write a Letter to the Editor

One effective way to keep an issue before your community is to write a letter to the editor (LTE) of your local newspaper or blog.  You should also send copies of the letter to your elected officials. There are more than 40 newspapers published daily in North Carolina. And there are another 170 weekly publications that will take your letters.

To make it easy for you, we’ve created lists—sorted by county—so you can easily locate your local newspapers.

(Language and links found in the legislature and letter to the editor sections are from our friends over at  Go check them out!)


We are still looking for members to join the following committees:

FUNDRAISING:  Responsible for raising money for the DWIC.  Current members are Vicki Perkins, Dorothy Nwonye, Tara Arbitter, Jane Shaefer, Betty Dobson, and Lesley Evans.

COMMUNICATION/MEMBERSHIP:  Responsible for letter writing, advertising/marketing of events and recruitment of new members, welcoming new members to the group.  Current members are Janet Hinojosa, Barbara Anderson, Victoria Eves and Laura Grimball.


GET OUT THE VOTE:  Responsible for voter registration, communication with candidates, distribution of voter information.  Current members are Jane Schaefer and Lucy Ertter.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE:  Assists with locating speakers for meetings and events.  Works to obtain candidates running for office to attend meetings and events.  Works with Communications Committee to promote/advertise meetings and events.  Currently there are no members on this committee.

If you are on one of these committees and you are not listed above, or if you would like to join one of them, please contact us to let us know.

We would like to have at least 5-6 members on each committee.  Please consider volunteering for one  that is of interest to you.  You can contact Vicki Perkins at via text or phone call at (704) 968-6515 if you have any questions or would like to participate.