We're a diverse group of women in Iredell County who work together to advance the agenda and policies of the Democratic Party along with the promotion of women candidates in our area. Our members are engaged in county, regional, and state policy efforts and provide a forum for Democratic leaders and organizers.

Women belong in the room where it happens...


  1. To support and promote the principles of the Democratic Party

  2. To encourage women to seek public office and to participate in Democratic Party activities

  3. To work with the North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Committee to strengthen the Democratic party in North Carolina

  4. To assist in organizing and maintaining active Democratic Women’s organizations at the state, district and county levels

  5. To initiate and carry out programs and projects on behalf of the Democratic Party, and to promote the election of Democrats


Our Officers

President-Janet Anderson-Hinojosa

1st vice-chair- Dori King

2nd vice chair-Megan Liedtke

3rd vice chair-Harriet Johnson

Secretary-Sandra McFeeley

Treasurer- Barbara Anderson