the Fusion Bowl, 126 Mooresville Commons Way, Mooresville, NC 28117.They have amazing sushi and traditional Asian fare. Menu @ The meeting starts at 6:30pm.

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Meets prior to every Democratic Women's meeting at 6:00 p.m.

Logan's Roadhouse, 1071 Glenway Drive in  Statesville. 

We are currently reading "Becoming" by  Michelle Obama.  If you would like to participate in the discussion at our next meeting, please read the second half of the book.

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Quote of the Month

NAACP to NC Supreme Court: Can unrepresentative, illegal supermajority amend the constitution?

By Melissa Boughton

The North Carolina NAACP has officially asked the state Supreme Court to review and have the final say in its challenge to two constitutional amendments that were made after the last election.

“For many years, the democratic foundation of North Carolina has been under siege,” the requests begins.

The document gives a short history of how the North Carolina General Assembly racially segregated voting districts and diminished the voting power of African-Americans, and how they were unconstitutionally constituted until January of this year. Because of that, the NAACP holds that they did not have the authority to put two constitutional amendments before the people — one that requires a photo ID to vote and another that caps the state income tax at 7 percent.

The organization states in the court document that the high court should step in over the state Court of Appeals because there is significant public interest, delay in final adjudication could cause substantial harm and court workload, among other reasons.

“This case addresses a fundamental question about our democratic system of government in North Carolina: Can a General Assembly that is infected by a sweeping, unconstitutional racial gerrymander that produced an unrepresentative and illegal supermajority, be permitted to use that supermajority to amend our State’s constitution?” the document asks.

Saving us from ourselves: PW special report is a reminder that dramatically tougher environmental regulation is essential for human survival

By Rob Schofield


Sludge containing 1,4-Dioxane was used to make compost and fill, destined for gardens, farms and parks. Because of weak EPA and state rules, it’s completely legal. 

It’s easy enough to understand the kind of thinking that goes into ignoring the dire environmental crises that currently afflict our state, nation and planet. Most, if not all, of us fall prey to it every day when we leave our empty homes with the heat and or air conditioning churning away and fire up our fossil fuel burning vehicles in order to idle in a fast food drive-through line to buy a sandwich that features meat produced in a polluting industrial farm.

Out of sight, out of mind; It’s just natural for humans to be drawn to behaviors and products that make their day-to-day lives easier and more comfortable – especially if the negative impacts of those behaviors and products are seemingly far off, indirect and/or years away.

The giant and fatal flaw in this thinking, of course, is that, eventually, the negative impacts of environmental pollution do come home to roost and right now, in the early 21st Century, it’s roosting time. Simply put, humans are steadily drowning in their own effluent and, absent strong and decisive action, life on our planet – at least the kind of life that most of us would recognize and find desirable – is in trouble.

At such a grim moment, it’s clear that we need swift and strong action on at least three fronts.

First, humans need to alter their attitudes and behaviors. It will never be enough by itself to solve the problems we confront, but voluntary change can make an important difference.

Second, we need technological innovation – particularly when it comes to sustainable energy that can slow climate change and fuel the environmental repair and restoration work that is so desperately needed.

Third, and perhaps most important, we need dramatically tougher environmental regulations that will, in effect, save us from ourselves.

If ever there was compelling evidence of the dire need in this third category, it has to be Policy Watch reporter Lisa Sorg’s special two-part report from last week (click here and here), entitled “Unregulated, untested, unknown.” In the story, Sorg explains how an almost complete lack of state and federal regulation allowed a multi-national plastics manufacturer to ship a dangerous (and likely carcinogenic) chemical in large and dangerous concentrations to a facility in Sampson County that produces “compost, soil builder or fill, destined for gardens and farms, roads, parks and playgrounds.


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When you give to Diakonos and Fifth Street Ministries , here’s how your money helps:
● $1 covers preparing and serving nine meals in our soup kitchen.
● $10 provides assistance in filing a one protective order for a victim of domestic
● $20 provides five people with a one-month supply of medication through a $4
prescription drug program.
● $25 covers one day of transportation for people to and from doctors’ appointments,
social services agencies and/or job interviews.
● $50 covers two group counseling sessions for victims of domestic violence and
their children.
● $100 covers:
○ Full shelter service (laundry, transportation, food, clothing, toiletries, etc.)
for a family for eight nights
○ Three counseling or group sessions at My Sister’s House for victims of
domestic or sexual violence
○ Advocacy/court accompaniment for four victims of domestic or sexual
Kitchen needs - We serve almost 8,000 meals a month, these items are in need:
Eggs Coffee Sugar Flour Pasta Rice Dry beans BBQ sauce Spaghetti sauce
Canned soups/soup mix Milk Potatoes Canned fruit and vegetables
Fresh fruit and vegetables Seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic powder, no-salt seasoning,
cumin, poultry seasoning, etc.) Napkins
Household needs- There are always about 150 people in our house, so we always need:
Paper towels Toilet paper Laundry detergent Stain remover Bleach Air freshener
Shampoo Deodorant Feminine hygiene products Towels and washcloths Kitchen towel
Large and small trash bags



Food Pantry and Crisis Center


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We Will promote the Democratic party in Iredell County

Pictured (left to right):  Karen Miller, Vicki Perkins, Sara Smith, Tricia Stevens, Barbara Anderson


The speaker at our June, 2019 meeting was Sara Smith  (above center)from North Carolinians Against Gun Violence.

This organization has been advancing and promoting gun safety and sensible gun legislation for the last 25 years.

She shared many facts about gun violence and dispelled myths perpetuated by gun advocates including:

1) "A good guy with a gun stops a bad guy"

 Concealed carry laws are linked to an increase in gun deaths and states with concealed carry have a 13-15% increase in gun violence.

2) "It's not a gun problem it's a mental health/people problem"

Only about 4% of gun violence is related to mental illness.

3) "Criminals target gun-free zones"

Studies show that mass shooters do not target gun free zones, but rather have a grievance against an individual or establishment.

Ms. Smith also shared these statistics:

More than 1/2 of gun deaths are related to domestic violence.

Owning a gun increases the risk of homicide/suicide.

States with higher gun ownership have 9 times more gun deaths than other states.

100 people per day are lost to gun violence in the USA.

The 10 states with the weakest gun laws have violence 3 times higher than other states.

Gun violence is the 2nd leading cause of death in children age 0-17.

There were 1490 gun-related deaths last year in NC, that is 16% higher than the national average.


What can you do?

Contact your representative to vote against the following NC House and Senate bills.

House Bill 498- This bill, put forth by the Republicans seeks to rescind the background checks required for conceal carry pistol purchase and seeks to arm our teachers.

House Bill 216 & Senate 192-School Defense Act- includes a 5% raise for teachers who are gun proficient.

Contact your representative to support NC House Bill 508- promotes firearm safe storage and creates position at DSS to distribute gun safety locks and speak on gun safety.


The organization's website for additional info and to track these bills is, 

We will stand up for our beliefs

We Will perform community outreach  projects to lift up the less fortunate.


We Will participate in Democratic Party fundraisers